Today 24th of May 2019

Sunny weather: Central Europe remains under the influence of a high pressure area.

The weather

Sunny weather with some cumuliform clouds during the afternoon. The probability of thunderstorms will increase lightly on the southern regions in the evening. Top temperatures between 18° and 27°.

Mountain weather

A sunny day in the mountains. Until the afternoon the sun shines, only a few harmless spring clouds develop. In the evening thunderstorms near the border to Trentino are possible.

Tomorrow 25th of May 2019

Cloudy and some showers: A southern high-altitude current brings humid air into the Alps.

The weather

The day is mostly cloudy and the sun shines only occasionally. In the course of the day, especially in the afternoon and evening, one must expect some rain showers. Thunderstorms are also possible. Maximum values decrease and range from 13° to 22°.

Mountain weather

The clouds predominate and during the day there are a few rain showers and thunderstorms.

The next days

sunday 26
max: 24°
min: 6°
monday 27
Dull, slightly rain
max: 23°
min: 7°
tuesday 28
Dull, moderate rain
max: 23°
min: 7°
wednesday 29
Cloudy, moderate rain
max: 22°
min: 7°