Today 1st of Aug 2020

Sunny, later isolated thunderstorms: Very warm, but slightly unstable air over the Alps.

The weather

Sunny weather with cumulus clouds in the afternoon and possibility of isolated but partly heavy thunderstorms in the evening. Hot, maximum temperatures between 29° and 36°.

Mountain weather

Good conditions during the first part of the day. Cumulus clouds and possibility of isolated, but partly heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening.

Tomorrow 2nd of Aug 2020

Increasingly unstable: Humid and unstable air will reach the Alps from South-West.

The weather

Mostly sunny weather in the morning. First thunderstorms during the day, becoming more frequent and partly heavy towards the evening. Maximum temperatures between 24° and 30°.

Mountain weather

In the morning partly sunny, although isolated thundery showers can't be escluded. Widespread and partly heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening.

The next days

monday 03
Cloudy, heavy rain
max: 25°
min: 12°
tuesday 04
Cloudy, moderate rain
max: 27°
min: 8°
wednesday 05
max: 29°
min: 5°
thursday 06
max: 31°
min: 8°